Co-scholastic programme at Deens

When you come right down to it – the real world is not just about academics. There is a world beyond classroom walls and textbooks, where invaluable learning takes place. At our school, academics goals are balanced with a vibrant Enrichment Programme that encompasses art, sport and life. We offer an array of beyond-the-classroom activities, which give our students opportunities to discover and display their talents, and cultivate a wide range of interests.

We don’t treat these initiatives as ‘extra curricular’ activities though. Instead, our enrichment programmes co-habit happily with the academic syllabus as part of a single, integrated curriculum. In this way, we make sure that our students get to experience a truly well-rounded and happy school life.

The programme spans the entire spectrum of human interests, from art to athletics and include:

  • Applied arts: Craft and Fine art activities in Primary School are often tied up to the lessons taught in class. This interdisciplinary approach caters to the multiple intelligence approach to learning. From Grade 6 onwards, zentangle, origami, sketching and shading are encouraged to hone art skills for those who would like to pursue this subject.
  • Performing arts
  • 1.Music : A solid foundation in the basics of singing is introduced from Kindergarten . Basics of  Indian and Western music is taught with specific focus Pitch,Rhythm, Breath, Voice and Diction. Children use these skills in their presentations at school assemblies and events.
  • 2.Dance: Rhythm and movement to music is used not only build imagination and channel energy constructively, but also create a sense of emotional wellbeing. We explore both Indian classical and Western dance forms .
  • 3.Theatre: Expression of emotions, undertaking the connotations of language, the facets of characterization and above all public speaking skills are honed and polished in the compulsory Theatre class at all grades of our school.
  • Sports: Invigorating physical sports like skating, football, basketball and athletics are a vital part of The Deens portfolio of enrichment activities. Karate and Yoga are also incorporated into the sports curricullum to inculcate overall  growth.
  • Lifeskills: Each child at The Deens Academy is trained to be self-reliant, aware and equipped to face life with sessions in money management, effective studying, public-speaking, gardening and home management.
  • Environment: We teach responsibility towards the environment in a hands-on manner by encouraging students to participate in a number of conservation projects.
  • Community: Sensitivity to larger issues facing the world is actively fostered by inspiring students to involve themselves in community service.
  • The Newsletter brought out by the students of Grade 7 every month showcases the various events in school.
  • The Times Newspaper in Education Programme (NiE) and Deccan Herald student editions offer a programme where we use the newspaper as a dynamic education tool.
  • Junior Student council:On entry into grade 1, all students become members of a House to foster a spirit of leadership, cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self-reliance. Various inter-house activities are organised to build team spirit. The House system gives opportunities to students to participate in inter-house competitions. Each House is led by a House Mistress from the teaching staff who oversees the well-being and social development of members of the House. Read more

Pursuing their interests

Once a child reaches middle school (after five years of schooling), she or he can pick two activities of interest and pursue them for a whole term. We let students pick one activity each from the following categories (listed in order of priority) – swimming/skating/basketball/athletics and dance/music/theatre/art/athletics