Annual Theme

Annual Theme 2023-24- “Ubuntu”

“Ubuntu is the theme of the year for Deens Academy in 2023-24”.

Standing in a queue , how often have we found ourselves jostled out of our turn; the reticent child who doesn’t scream for the teachers attention, even if he has an input, gets subdued by the clamour of the classroom; I have an electric ability to solve math problems, even as my pen nibbling benchmate struggles

Ubuntu is that term which gives humanity its humaneness. People with concern, compassion and care for each other. An interdependence and an acknowledgement of responsibility for each other, fostering and sustaining  differences & uniqueness .

Ubuntu – I am because we are.

An acknowledgement that in the collective prosperity lies my own progress. An acknowledgement of the fact that one has responsibility beyond one’s own self for the collective good.

Deens believes in Ubuntu of sharing, of justice, of interdependence and thus of collective change.