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Deen-a-logue June 2019

Deen-a-logue June 2019- “A new group of enthusiastic student journalists of grade 7, put together for you the monthly newsletter and I wish them ‘happy journal-ing’ . As they report the myriad happenings within school, I am certain you will notice therein an indulgence in the theme we have adopted for this academic year ‘We Care’- caring for the environment, ... Read More »

How to Deal with “EXAM FEVER”

Advice from three students of Grade 6 “I get very nervous due to the exams. I take all my textbooks and read through but there is not a thing I understand. This time, I am getting stressed because the first exam is Social Studies and I find it very hard. Here’s how I deal with my stress – I drink ... Read More »

My Picture- Meghna Nair Grade 7

                                                                   Tuesday, 7th February, 2018 My Picture Dear Diary, Today, after finishing my homework and going out to meet my friends, I returned home and didn’t feel like doing any work. I felt bored, so I started to draw a picture of a princess holding a prince’s hand. It was supposed to indicate that lives is always “happily ever after.” ... Read More »

Equality versus Justice- Student viewpoints

“What we, as a society, fail to understand is that equality is not justice. Equity is justice. Equality means that a certain resource is equally availed by all, irrespective of the need. For instance, six cakes are distributed equally between a normal child and one who has been starving for days, though the need of the latter is much more ... Read More »

Brownie- A poem by Ananya Khare

Down the street from where I live, I found a little pup. A cowering little canine, In desperate need of love.   I picked him up from the gutter drain, On that one rainy day. He looked at my eyes, his were so sad, But a twinkle in them lay.   “A ho a ho!” I sang to him A ... Read More »

The books of life- Haritha Satheesh

The Books of Life a poem by Haritha Satheesh   I opened a book and in I went Somewhere where I couldn’t see my friends, my family, my house I’ve left everyone behind me. Inside the book I see the world of fantasy become reality I’m wearing the ring, I’ve swallowed the potion, I’ve had dinner with the King, and ... Read More »

Battle of Schools: Deens vs. Hogwarts by Himashree

Battle of Schools: Deens vs. Hogwarts       Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the school for witches and wizards all over Great Britain. Mainly introduced to us in the Harry Potter series written by J.K.Rowling, it is one of the dream schools where many Potter fans would love to go! And well, I suppose Deens Academy Gunjur, ... Read More »

The Yeti- Short story by Arya Udaykumar Shetty

The Yeti It was a fine day at professor Charles’ office, he was just getting ready for a lecture at the university. His day had started off pretty well and he had high hopes for the lecture. He was humming his favorite tune as he went through the script once again when the door opened, it was Benjamin the professor’s ... Read More »

Midnight Melodies- Poem by Anukkriti Poovannan

Midnight Melodies- Poem by Anukkriti Poovannan             The bed will be made of feathers, the pillow made of silk, That’s what I felt when I sat sipping some milk I was flopped on the old, straight-backed chair And gave the settling dust a sharp glare I trudged up the stairs and shuffled to my room ... Read More »