Our School Library will house over 2000 educational and recreational books as well as other multimedia resources for both, the students and staff, to access. The spacious, airy library has been designed to foster an interest in books and is intended to offer every child the opportunity to explore and develop his or her individual interests.

Large tables and comfortable chairs double up as worktables and the library invariably becomes a hub for all projects done by the students. Each library stacks age appropriate books which the children enjoy reading at school and borrowing it to complete it at home.

The library uses an integrated management system that ensures efficient day-to-day running, circulation and inventory management.

Details of Library

Library Facilities


a)      Size of library in sq.ft

b)      No. of periodicals

c)       No. of dailies

d)      No. of reference books classwise

e)      No: of magazines



30 X 40 sq.ft