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Deen-a-logue February 2023

The final newsletter from the current batch of Grade 7 and their mentor teacher Ms Chandan Shenoy. click to Read more ….   Read More »

Deen-a-logue January 2023

Space, Maths,History, and Art  are some of the key features which are showcased in an interesting Newsletter for the new year. Do browse through the excellence editorials by our young bloggers of Grade 7 . Read more…Click to download PDF Read More »

Deen-a-logue December 2022

Showcasing the festive season of loving and giving, Students of grade 7 have produced a vibrant newsletter to showcase the happenings of December and January. read more…( click to download PDF)  Read More »

Deen-a-logue November 2022

November was a month filled with activities. Sports was the flavour of the season with Sports day conducted for the senior school and exploration of Indian Sports as the theme of the month. Children day, Community service activities, field trips all added to the fun and games which resounded through this month. Students of Grade 7 publish this fun filled ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue October 2022

October edition of Deen-a logue showcases Mental health Wellness programs conducted in various sections of our school this month. To read more click on the link to download PDF- Gunjur Newsletter October   Read More »

Deen-a-logue September 2022

When the monsoon pauses for a month the environment around us is buzzing with activity. Both flora and fauna are showing off their best colours before autumn takes it away. Grade 7 showcases flora and fauna along with the various events of the festival season in the September newsletter. To read more click on the link to download PDF…Gunjur Newsletter ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue August 2022

Students of Grade 7 with their mentor teacher Chandan Shenoy present the Newsletter for August 2022 which showcases events of the month of August 2022 at the Deens Academy  Gunjur campus. Click on the image to view PDF Read More »

Deen-a-logue July2022

As the children have settled well into the school routine. The events are being conducted in full swing. Students of Grade 7 have published this monthly newsletter to showcase the same. To read more click on the picture to download PDF   Read More »

DMUN 2022

DMUN 2022 Deens Model United Nations is back!! DMUN is the inter-school Model United Nations conference hosted by our school, where students of Deens and other learning institutions are encouraged to participate in understanding and attempting to effectively solve global issues in a competitive but learning-based environment. Stay tuned for more details… Read More »

Deen-a-logue June 2022

The vibrancy of offline school a testimony of our theme” The Resilient Deenite “. The very same theme is showcased in our first edition of the academic year 2022-23 by the editors of Grade 7. click on the image to download the pdf. Read More »