Deen-a-logue October 2020

Resilient as we are, celebrating the various festivals even through the pandemic! While we adapt and modify our life to the challenges that are coming our way, we wish the Deenites and their families, safety, tenacity and alacrity. Read more Read More »

Deen-a-logue August 2020

August’s month eNewsletter includes Students’ work on topics – Heritage Sites, our annual theme of Fitness,  various classroom activities; compiled and presented by our young journalists from Grade 7. These are regularly mentored by their teachers – Ms. Mumtaz Bharwani and Ms. Mary Judith. Students team that worked for the month of August 2020: Grade 7A: Kate, Mitali, Navya B., ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue July 2020

“There is no stopping the energy or endeavour in children! Life goes on with as much gusto and enterprise , even through these uncertain times and before we know it, they have conjured up the Deen-a-logue, the Deens newsletter, for us. Starting on their journalistic journey as young as in grade 7, it gives me immense pleasure to wish them ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue June 2019

Deen-a-logue June 2019- “A new group of enthusiastic student journalists of grade 7, put together for you the monthly newsletter and I wish them ‘happy journal-ing’ . As they report the myriad happenings within school, I am certain you will notice therein an indulgence in the theme we have adopted for this academic year ‘We Care’- caring for the environment, ... Read More »

Welcome Note

Welcome to The Deens Academy, We invite you to get a glimpse of the school by exploring our website. Deens Academy Gunjur Branch is the largest project of the Deens Educational trust, the school campus is developed on a 9 acre plot amidst clean green environs. The brick and stone structure compliments the natural surroundings which we would like our ... Read More »

How to Deal with “EXAM FEVER”

Advice from three students of Grade 6 “I get very nervous due to the exams. I take all my textbooks and read through but there is not a thing I understand. This time, I am getting stressed because the first exam is Social Studies and I find it very hard. Here’s how I deal with my stress – I drink ... Read More »