Brownie- A poem by Ananya Khare

Down the street from where I live,

I found a little pup.

A cowering little canine,

In desperate need of love.


I picked him up from the gutter drain,

On that one rainy day.

He looked at my eyes, his were so sad,

But a twinkle in them lay.


“A ho a ho!” I sang to him

A rhyme I’d heard for so long

I held him close to my heart so tight

He tossed to the beat of the song


I sat all night, at his bedside,

As mother cured him right.

A week or two, he was healthy and hale,

Growing up with all his might.


“Brownie” is what he was called,

For his coat was brown and gray.

My little pup, oh my little pup,

I love him in every way.