Minutes of PSA meeting on 4th Aug 2016

Parents School Alliance
Minutes of Meeting
Conference room, Deens Academy

Date:4th Aug 2016

Attendance: Reeti, Neelima, Komala, Dahlia, Vineeta, Orpita, Athira Panicker, Kavita Srivastava, Bonita Narayan, Sushila Narayanan, Shanthi Menon.

Meeting Location: Conference Room, Deens Academy.

Meeting Start time: 11.00 am.

Agenda and discussion points:

  1. W.r.t audit report of canteen ECC road:
  • Currently vendor supplies their own cutlery and plates. It was decided to use steel plates going forward and Ma’am will initiate the process regarding the same.
  • More veggies to be added as cooked food instead of salads.
  • Water tests were requested and it was decided that the tests be requested as part of the AMC. Food is being tasted by teachers and PSA members are welcome to taste the food at anytime and could also contact Amritha ma’am in case of any issues.
  • Cleaning up of water filter area will be taken up.
  • Strict instructions to remove all construction debris and materials on time have been given and there will be a teacher in-charge always to monitor the canteen area. In case the teacher is not found at any time the house that she/he represents would lose points as a result.
  1. Regarding absence of textbook/reference material for EVS:
  • It has been decided to continue without a prescribed textbook or any reference material this year and any changes to be made would be taken up during the next academic year based on the results observed on this trial.
  • In English in grade 4, the practice of reading novels to be encouraged for the children to get a better hold of the language and different teaching methods like role-play etc are already being used.
  • Use of grammar book was suggested and Ma’am has suggested that all required and essential grammar is already being taught and that it was not necessary to make it too extensive as per the requirements and standards of CBSE.
  1. Regarding FAs:
  • Ma’am has conveyed that it was ok for portions completed till previous day to be included in the FAs for grades (1-4) as it was important to check if the child has grasped what was taught verbally or through notes and for the teacher to revisit the topic with the children in case it is found that it has not been covered or conveyed well.
  • Specific instances of portions not being completed for FAs in higher grades were shared with Ma’am and Ma’am would check and get back and also to check the teaching methods used in history, civics and geography classes.
  • The standard picture size in FA and SA question paper was shared by Ma’am and it was found to be ok. But feedback was given regarding the picture size for worksheets in notebooks that required it to be more visible and clear. Ma’am has agreed to look into it and take the necessary corrective measure.
  1. Regarding correction issues:
  • Specific instances of correction issues were shared with Ma’am and Ma’am has conveyed to us that feedback to respective headmistress/teacher has already been given and that random checks of notebooks of children is already taking place.
  • Ma’am has asked parents to send her instances of correction issues. But more methods to handle/avoid correction issues to be looked into so that these instances do not recur.
  1. Regarding reading options in library:
  • Ma’am has agreed to the suggestion that the librarian can suggest to the children the books they can read that are age appropriate and useful for the child.
  1. Regarding Gunjur campus boundary wall:
  • Ma’am has conveyed that fencing work was taken up and is completed.
  1. Regarding induction of new members to PSA for more representation from parents of children going to Gunjur campus:
  • Ma’am has already prepared a list of members to be inducted and the parents would be contacted soon by Beethika. Ma’am has noted suggestion of names from PSA members.
  1. Regarding reports of a grade 4 kid being pushed by PT sir:
  • Ma’am had already probed the issue with teachers and other children as soon as it was reported and it was found that the PT sir held the child’s hand to report him and the child immediately sat down trying to resist and that he was not pushed.

Actions points in place post the meeting:

  1. Vegetables stepped up in meals. Some alterations in menu implemented to add on vegetables.
  2. Grammar worksheets will be stepped up in English and Hindi across grades
  3. Font on smaller worksheets will be synchronised to that of A4 size worksheets.
  4. Librarian is being monitored by the senior librarian to watch how issue of books is done (age appropriate).
  5. New parents who have confirmed membership are Ms Moumita Dalal, Mr Nishore, Ms Mohana Valli and Ms Sindhu Mahesh. I am yet to receive responses form other parents I have sent invites to.