Minutes of PSA meeting on 20th March 2015

Last PSA for the Academic year 2014-15
Attended by : Mrs Shanthi Menon, Dr. Sasi Taneja, Mrs Smitha Santhosh, Mrs Mini Prakasan, Chandra Srivastava, Mrs Janaki Mahesh,  Mrs Sangeetha, Mr Rajay Kumar, Mrs Yamini,  Mrs Ashwani, Mrs Sudha, Mrs Deepa Ravi , Mr Rahul Singhania
Sr. No Issue Action to be taken / action taken
1 Nomination of successors and PSA representative from Borewell campus as well Some names were proposed. Shanti maam to reach out to them. If there is no response, Shanti maam will pick and choose the parents for next academic year.
2 Bullying in buses especially children being told not to even talk with their friends inside the bus Matrons need to be counselled – differentiate between talking and violent behavior. Teachers should only interfere if there is violent behavior. Shanti maam to speak with the transport administrator on the same.
3 Condescending Language and humiliating commands by teachers to address kids  Children’s self – respect should not be compromised. Children can reach out to section heads or use the suggestion box to register complains. Older children need to be empowered to reach out to Shanti maam if required
4 Frequent change of subject teachers lack of subject skill-set in a few teachers Changes are mostly done due to some personal exigencies like maternity leave etc. In a particular case, one teacher was terminated due to ill behavior.Shanti maam assured the PSA that teachers are adequately skilled.Specific instances should be brought to Shanti maam and headmistress notice.
5 Overload of Homework to grade 2, in addition to class tests just before SA,Rushing through unfinished curriculum closer to exams, instead of already being in revision mode andQuality of Textbooks  Revision has started in the 1st week of March across all sections.Computers text book will be discarded from next year.Revision has to be on regular basis but not more than 2 weeks. Issue of homework given to children during SA for grade 2 will be checked by Shanti maam personally.Specific snap shots of mistakes to be sent to Shanti maam. From next AY, children need not bring their Math text books to the school. Can be kept at home for home work.
7 Change of uniforms Shanti maam to review the shoes for kindergarten.
8 Performance improvement of every child to be made visible. For example if a child is lacking in English subject, SA1 results would have been B grade, the teacher shrugs it off saying the child needs more revision, So the onus is on parents to improve the child grade? We need to have a format to track the student progress. ILP (Individual Learning Program) to be tightened and made more effective. Teachers are not burdened with more students. So Shanti maam agreed that ILP will be monitored and tightened.
9 Request the school to list and declare actions / behaviour that call for yellow card / red card. Practically it is not possible. It should be left at the discretion of the school. Yellow card is issued by Headmistress, section head and Principal and Red card by Principal
10 Annual day during week days Borewell campus has to be accommodated and hence the annual day is on a week day. Next year it will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday since Gunjur campus  also needs to be accommodated