Minutes of Meeting of PSA on 31st October 2015

Parents School Alliance

Minutes of Meeting

Conference room, Deens Academy

Date: 31st October 2015


Attendance-Swati Ranjan, VandanaKaul, Neelima, KamalaVamsi, Manisha Ajmera, Sushila Narayanan, Ketan Jain, SasiTaneja, , Kavita Srivastava, ReenaVerma, Bonita N, OrpitaBasu, Reetu C, ShreejaShibin, Vineeta A, Shanti S, Neelima. Vyasan V, Shanti S,  Shanthi Menon

Meeting location-Conference room, Deens Academy

Meeting started:at 9.00am

Agenda& Discussion Points

  1. PSA functioning
  • A quick discussion on PSA functioning and to be a sounding board to the school and to help with suggestions.
  1. Road Condition
  • The road condition outside the school is a cause for major concern and inspite of attempts to reach out though various channels, there has been no response from government bodies. PSA to work towards mobilising parents and residents in this locality towards this goal and bring suggestions on what can be done.
  1. Working Saturdays and Sports Day
  • November month has been indicated in the school calendar beginning of academic session. This needs to be reiterated. However, it is felt that Deens has very few holidays compared to other schools. The working Saturdays to compensate for unforeseen holidays should be relooked at. Suggestion has been made if only a fixed number of sudden holidays due to bandh, etc should be compensated; model needs to be worked out.
  • Sports day has been staggered and this should help in terms of traffic and also the entire presentation.
  1. After school activities
  • Request has been put forward to provide changing room and restroom facility access for children staying back for after school activities. This will be attended to. Also, fee receipt for all after school classes should be mandatory.
  1. Timely Correction of notebooks
  • There are several instances where notebooks have not been corrected in time for the exams. Parents to write in specific cases also whenever possible to Principal mam.
  1. ID Cards quality
  • The printing quality on ID cards is not up to the mark and has to be reviewed.
  1. Co-Scholastics
  • Club Activities – Based on earlier discussion and inputs shared, clubs for next year have been recalibrated.
  1. Facility
  • Restrooms to be checked for with bins with lids.
  • Certain instances of missing items from classrooms discussed.
  1. Shop outside School
  • It gives a very poor impression and it is not related to any school activity. Request made to Shanthi mam to take it up with management.
  1. Transport:
  • Certain recurrent bus breakdowns / failuresdiscussed and will need to be