Equality versus Justice- Student viewpoints

“What we, as a society, fail to understand is that equality is not justice. Equity is justice. Equality means that a certain resource is equally availed by all, irrespective of the need. For instance, six cakes are distributed equally between a normal child and one who has been starving for days, though the need of the latter is much more than that of the former. Any person would call this injustice. On the other hand, equity or justice caters to the need of the people.”

– Ananya Khare

“Justice is more valuable than equality as it ensures that everyone gets what is necessary for them to be capable of something in society. Equality may seem fair, but considering the diversity of everyone in a community, it isn’t what is required. On the contrary, justice guarantees everyone can rise up to the same level and beyond. The importance of justice is conveyed all over the world, through situations that are trivial as well. For example, if someone gets injured, they are provided with extra medical assistance than someone who isn’t.”

– Niya Krishna

“Justice is more important than equality because equality gives the poor and rich equal rights, when the poor need more than the rich. Students who can’t learn things easily and students who are very good at understanding cannot be taught in the same way. Students who have difficulty learning cannot learn in a very hard way which only the smart students understand. This is an example of justice over equality in school.”

– Nikhil Jose

“Justice is more important than equality as equality provides equal rights and justice provides equal opportunities.”

– Harsh Ajith

“Our lawmakers usually go in the way of equality, that’s why we see such protests nowadays. If say the food of only one religion is distributed to the whole country, that is equality. Justice is giving every religion the food that fits their needs. The government needs to understand the needs of different types of people, religions and genders and make laws according to that.”

– Kshitij Mahajan

“Equality means, a sick person and a healthy person are treated similarly. Justice means, a homeless child is given food rather than a rich and healthy person. Justice makes sure everyone is treated fair, not equal. It teaches us the key to life – humanity.”

– Arya Uday Kumar Shetty