My Picture- Meghna Nair Grade 7

                                                                   Tuesday, 7th February, 2018

My Picture

Dear Diary,

Today, after finishing my homework and going out to meet my friends, I returned home and didn’t feel like doing any work. I felt bored, so I started to draw a picture of a princess holding a prince’s hand.

It was supposed to indicate that lives is always “happily ever after.” I thought that the picture looked beautiful but didn’t believe that “happily ever after” existed. In every fairytale, when the female protagonist faces hardships, immediately they start praying for a prince or miracle to help them. When I was in 3rd Grade all the girls used to be fascinated by how the prince saved the damsel in distress. I simply came home and asked Mummy why the princess didn’t try to save herself.

In the real world people are still happy with their life even though they face hardships like shortage of money, diseases, not enough food and other problems. These people just don’t wait for a miracle to approach them in life. They strive to be successful and work with such passion. Most of the brilliant and successful people don’t believe in such far-fetched stories.

At the end of the day our life is imperfect and full of problems. But we still continue with our lives and instead of waiting for a “happily ever after” enjoy our life how much ever we can.