Minutes of PSA meeting on 9th Mar 2017

Parents School Alliance
Minutes of Meeting
Conference room, Deens Academy

Date: 9th Mar 2016

Attendees: Shanthi Menon, Aparna, Bonita, Kavita, Athira, Dahlia, Sushila, Nilima, Komala, Shanti,Vineeta

Venue: Conference Room

Agenda & discussion points:

  1. Educational tours for grade 6 and above:
    • No more trips to water theme parks will be planned.
    • Overnight stay planned for grade 10 only as of now.
    • Trip to Andaman&Nicobar Islands for grade 8/9 is initiated by an external team and it is optional.
  2. Textbooks for science for the next academic session:
    • There is now a team for planning and preparing the curriculum.
    • Ma’am to check regarding providing additional information/reference material which would also benefit absentees who miss out on classes for a genuine reason.
  3. Extent of portions that will be covered for grade 6 and above (for SA) as now, grade 10 will have all topics covered for the exams:
    • The current system of full portions of term2+50 to 75%portion of term1 for grade 6,7 for SA2 and all topics for grade 8 onwards for SA2 will be followed.
    • No foreign languages will be offered for grade 6 and above as the third language. Students who are currently studying foreign languages will continue to do so.
  4. Plan for expanding infrastructure for Gunjur campus to include skating, swimming etc. as there is no space crunch there as compared to ECC road campus:
    • An auditorium with a seating capacity of approx. 1500 is under construction.
    • There is a plan for Basketball court, running track and an indoor swimming pool.
  5. Request for uniform distribution in the ECC road campus:
    • Large area needed to stock up and there is no space in the whitefieldcampus for this. The logistics for YFM to pack up and move across 4 campuses is an overhead and expensive. Additionally, the logistics of parents coming in while school is in progress, poses parking issues, which is completely taken care of at the Gunjur campus.
    • Pre-order kit form is being issued so that parents don’t need to stand in queues, but just collect the kit, by the order already placed.
    • Suggestion for keeping samples of the uniform sizes at the ECC road campus was made.
  6. Other discussion/suggestion points:
    • Suggestion to intimate parents regarding inter school competitions.
    • Request to include the answer to Question-A-Day on the same day itself instead of posting the answer on the next day.
    • Suggestion to include ‘search’ and ‘delete’ options in SmartWork.
    • Ma’am to check as to why the fee for clubs such as photography is priced too high as the students themselves should get the equipment for these clubs.
    • As the term for the PSA members who joined 2 years ago, has come to a closure, Ma’am has requested for recommending names of other parents to join PSA from the outgoing members.