Minutes of PSA meeting on 7th July 2018

Parents School Alliance
Minutes of Meeting
Conference room, Deens Academy

Date: 7th July 2018

Attendees: Ms. Anshuma Singh, Ms. Aparna Hariharan, Ms. C.Selvamari, Ms. Mohana, Mr. Rajay Kumar C, Mr. Ravikumar Kalaimani, Ms. Sindhu R, Mr. Varun Rangarajan, Ms. Hemalata Pandey, Ms. Sarala Nair, Ms. Raji Vijayakumar & Ms. Varsha Agarwal

1 Transport issues & concerns from the school’s perspective Northstar was not working and parents were anxious about whereabouts of the bus once children boarded

b. inordinate time taken by buses throwing schedules intimated by school awry

a. WhatsApp group will be created from Day 1 for communication to happen

b. A mail to parents intimating the tentative dates for Northstar to commence its services

c. WhatsApp group can have an intimation as soon as the buses leave campuses, so parents can estimate travel time

2 Construction at Gunjur Branch Principal gives an update of construction activity and how security has been affirmed a. Construction area is completed cordoned off with security and supervisory staff managing the area

b. Vehicular & worker movements happen only before 7.30 am and after 3.30 pm

c. Should there be a need for a vehicle to come into the site, it will be accompanied by the security staff

5 Construction at Whitefield Branch Concern regarding construction at the basketball court a. Email IDs of management will be shared for parents to address this directly to the Management


Facilities Related State of washrooms


a. School assures parents that washrooms are clean and hygienic. Water spills are the only issues to be found- this is natural cannot be avoided at all times

b. Additional washrooms for the North Block being constructed at WF campus

c. Washrooms at the swimming pool will be checked for them being user friendly

Parking along the roadside in front of the WF branch of the school a. It was suggested to install NO Parking boards in the area

b. Seek permission from the authorities to stick ‘I Was Parked In A No Parking Zone’ stickers

Clean up footpath adjacent to the school Will be done this time around
7 Induction of New PSA Members Based on recommendations New members inducted from KiDeens Borewell road, Ramagondanahalli and Gunjur campuses
8 Additional points discussed New teachers taking time to orient themselves to school systems School is certain that this is not true because there are mentors with these new teachers at all times