Minutes of PSA Meeting on 17th January 2015

Minutes of the PSA meeting held on 17th Jan’15
Agenda: Audit and issue resolutions for this year and plans for the next academic year   Attended by : Shanthi Menon, Dr. Sasi, Smitha Santhosh, Mini Prakasan, Chandra Srivastava, Janaki Mahesh, Sangeetha, Rajay Kumar
Sr. No Issue Action to be taken / action taken Remarks
1 Hygiene, Safety and Security issue were discussed. PSA members were apprised of measures taken to improve hygiene by putting appropriate soap dispensers and towels in the bathrooms. The members were also apprised of the measures to improve security for children using swimming pool. These measures include planting trees around swimming pool to prevent unauthorized viewing of children in the pool. Shanti maam confirmed that boundary wall repair and strengthening work will commence in April Shanti Maam has passed on the audit details to the facilities manager Mr. Khaled and he will be looking into the needful actions.
2 Shanti maam informed the members of the immediate proposal to make counsellor to talk to children from grade 5 to 9 to discuss about the biological changes Counsellor to reach out to children from grade 5 to 9 to discuss about the biological changes.
3 It was proposed that there will be a talk about hygiene issues with the staff Shanti Maam will be instructing Jaya aunty (the senior most aunty in school) to have regular hygiene workshops with the staff every 3-6 months instead of the previous annual workshops. She will also be getting Dr. Sasi Taneja connected with Jaya aunty to review the points that Jaya aunty will be covering and thus ensure coverage of all relevant points on overall hygiene.
4 CCE talk and briefing to parents Shanti maam to give a talk on CCE in Feb
5 Shanti Maam confirmed that Tennis and skating classes are happening in the school Nil
6 Members were informed that due to increased demand, English Olympiad will commence from next year School to facilitate commencement of English Olympiad from next AY
7 Fee structure- It was communicated that the revised fee structure will be updated in the portal during the week of 19th Jan Fee structure to be updated on the portal in the week of 19th Jan Already updated
8 It was also communicated that transport fees will be revised considering the additional cost due to installation of CCTV cameras and service tax component. It was suggested by committee that service tax and transport fees should be shown separately in the transport fee receipt Nil
9 Shanti Maam informed the committee that clubs will be available to students from grade 4 and 5 from next AY Clubs to be opened for children from grade 4 and 5
10 Shanti Maam also informed the PSA members that students interested in appearing for NTSC exam have to submit the application directly. However school will send a communication to parents regarding the scheduling of NTSC exams Nil
11 Current PSA members to suggest names for next year’s committee PSA members to suggest names for next year’s committee ASAP