Minutes of Meeting of PSA on 13th June 2016


Parents School Alliance

Minutes of Meeting

Conference room, Deens Academy

Date: 13June 2016



Attendance- Swati Ranjan, Neelima, Kavita Srivastava, Orpita Basu, Dhalia Joseph, Athira P,  Bonita Vyasan V, Shanthi Menon

Meeting location-Conference room, Deens Academy

Meeting started: at 9.00am

Agenda & Discussion Points

  1. PSA functioning

A quick discussion on PSA functioning – what it is what it is not as laid down in the guidelines.( refer to website)

  1. Working Hours

Working hours in ECC and Gunjur campus continue to be 8.15am to 2.40pm. Borewell is 8.30am to 2.30pm

  1. Play Area

The play area in the ECC campus has been revamped and worn equipment is removed. To ensure monitoring on safety of such areas and equipment, Shanthi Maam has planned to appoint monitors responsible for safety and sanitation from among the student community. We welcome this step.

  1. Toilet Hygiene

Maam has reiterated that civil work in the Primary block has completed over the vacation and the stink issue is addressed. Cleanliness is maintained in the toilets and inspections can be done at any time. Also the monitor concept to be extended to sanitation should give a realistic ongoing view.

  1. Class Photos

Request to ensure good quality digital print of class photo is available across grades. Also, suggestion made for a photo memorabilia at the end of grade 10.

  1. Books policy on retention in school or home

Shanthi Maam to look into this and publish the process being followed especially for Grade 1 students across ECC and Gunjur to provide clarity to parents in this matter.

  1. Integrated course

The school is trying to help students to prepare better for competitive exams. This is going beyond the CBSE curriculum. This year onwards preparation is being taken up from 6th grade itself so that load on higher grades is reduced. In the higher grades based on student choices they are being grouped and provided extra coaching as well by the teachers. As per Maam, the results have seemed positive in terms of student success in entrance exams.

Additionally, community service and research has been added to the student activities from grade 8 and above which is aimed at helping them build their portfolio.

Life skills is an additional learning for grades 1 to 8.

  1. EVS Textbook

This year EVS textbook has been done away with in ECC campus. Senior grade EVS teacher is designing the curriculum. Maam is personally going to monitor if this approach of not restricting learning to one textbook is working or not; especially Grade 3. She will come back to us on this in some time.

  1. Spelling errors in Complied English book

There are many spelling errors, the texts were compiled but not proof read. As rectification teachers will give the corrections before commencing chapters.

  1. Uniform quality

The uniform distribution in ECC this year has been appreciated by parents. Gunjur needs streamlining.

For any issues regarding quality, parents are requested to send back to vendor and get it exchanged. The uniform shop remains at Gunjur as there is no space in ECC.

Size inconsistency across years issue has been raised with mam. Last year’s sizing and this year’s sizing were entirely different. Socks quality issue has been highlighted.

On sports uniform clarity provided by Shanthi Maam – long tracks are optional only and shorts can be worn by all. Tracks were include this year based on requests from many parents

  1. Gunjur Campus boundary wall

The boundary wall around the children’s area is much higher than an adult’s height when seen from outside (photos were shown by mam). From inside since the level of the ground has been raised it looks lesser.

  1. Feedback on teachers

Specific concern with some faculty was shared with mam.

  1. Handling of emergencies in school

Overall we appreciated the way in which the school has been dealing with medical emergencies at school. In certain case which was minor, input was shared with mam on what could have been done additionally.


  1. Transport Issues

Northstar issues discussed. It was clarified that it takes 15 days for activation. Mam to look into Route 22 reaching school fairly early. Transport timings in starting month especially with Kideens starting will need some settling time.

  1. Certificates

Suggestion put forward to mam – instead of just certificates which were given on Founder’s day, can the school give it along with a grade appropriate story book. Children might cherish them more especially in smaller grades.

  1. Change in PSA parent co-ordinator and members

For the second year of this PSA tenure Ms. Dhalia Joseph has volunteered to act as coordinator, taking over from Ms. Bonita Narayan.

The current PSA team will also identify if certain grades are not represented in ECC and ensure inclusion of more members to represent the same as well as Gunjur campus