Our fleet of 7 vehicles comprise of our efficient and well-organized in-house transport system. Our Transport staff consists of drivers, bus boys and bus matrons. All members of our staff receive extensive routine training in driving, housekeeping and first aid. A matron accompanies children in every trip. She is trained regularly to handle every contingency and ensures the safety of all children under her care.

Efficiently mapped-out bus routes ensure that children spend the least amount of time travelling to and from school.
Every bus is fitted with speed governors and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allowing constant tracking and communication. They are undertaken as per the guidelines and norms of The Supreme Court of India and Regional Transport Office Karnataka Transportation.

The Deens Academy in association with North Star bring you where is my bus?” facility. This facility helps you to know your bus location by dialing the Toll Free Number 08049336255, after 2 rings the call will get disconnected and instantly you will receive a message which will give you the appropriate location of your bus. The same information has been sent to your registered mobile number. In case of any query or issues feel free to contact NorthStar On our Toll Free Number- 1800-1200-267 Or mail us at download android app @googleplay

Transport fees for the academic year 2016/17 is as follows

Distance in kms  Term 1 Additional fees  Total fees Term 1 Term 2


0-1  8200 1000 9200  8200
1.1-3 10700 1000 11700 10700
3.1-7 14250 1000 15250 14250
7.1-10 14850 1000 15850 14850
10.1-15 18000 1000 19000 18000
15.1 & Above 19200 1000 20200 19200

An additional fee of Rs.1000/- per child will be levied annually for providing CCTV, GPS and School bus alert facility. This fee is mandatory for all students availing transport and is to be paid along with term 1 transport fee.

Should you require to clarify the bracket within which your residence falls, kindly feel free to write to

For New admissions:

We would like to plan bus routes depending on the number of students availing this facility for the next academic session. We therefore request you, as a confirmation of enrollment, to kindly deposit a current dated cheque payable to Deens Academy Transport Account on or before 20th March 2016 towards 1st term fee.

Existing students : Cheque needs to be deposited by 20th of March postdated on or before 5th of May.

Seats will be allotted to children on the basis of the confirmation vide payment. This will also help us plan additional bus deployment on the routes that may have congestion.

If a parent fails to deposit the cheque by 20th March 2016, we are afraid that the facility will only be offered against availability of seat on the bus.

We thank you for your cooperation and timely action to this mail.


Additionally, we would like to apprise you on the fact that factions of the government is pushing for transport services for educational institutions to come under Service Tax. The School will then be forced to levy this additional charge of 14.5% on the users of the School bus facility.