Safety And Security On Campus

School safety is the responsibility of everyone – staff, students and parents. The School has procedures in place to ensure that the physical environment of the school is safe.
There is only a single access point of entrance for visitors, which is closely monitored at various points.
Visitors’ policy requires every visitor to sign in or show proper identification or wear ID tags.
The campus is under close circuit camera surveillance.
Lady security guards are posted at the swimming pool, school ground and on middle floors of all the buildings.

Emergency School Closure Procedure
If the school needs to be closed for an emergency, parents will be informed through mail.
You are requested to support the school by networking during such times with parents of
others students. A notice will also be uploaded on the ERP circular board and will run on the
home page of the School’s website

  • Infirmary
  • Fire Drills
  • First Aid Training to support staff
  • Sexual Harassment Redressal Committee
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