How to Deal with “EXAM FEVER”

Advice from three students of Grade 6

I get very nervous due to the exams. I take all my textbooks and read through but there is not a thing I understand. This time, I am getting stressed because the first exam is Social Studies and I find it very hard. Here’s how I deal with my stress – I drink some water every ten minutes to cool down. My father makes me cycle a bit cycle a bit every day so that I feel energized. I study for three or four hours daily. I sleep for eight to nine hours every day.”

– Akash Kumar

“My very strong opinions on how to deal with exam stress:

  1. Always start studying a month before the exams, that way you cover all the portions.
  2. Always drink a glass of water to keep you awake and talk about stress to your Moms.
  3. Revise, Revise, Revise!! Before the examination starts.
  4. Never have any bad feelings about the paper.
  5. ALWAYS remember – “Keep calm and concentrate hard.”
  6. Have good feelings about yourself!
  7. Never study too much. Always keep time for leisure activities.
  8. Most important – when your mind stops working, STOP studying. Otherwise, you won’t understand anything.”

– Anushka Jain

I am really stressed about exams. I know what to do now – I’m going to my friend’s house, so I can study with him daily or a few times a week. He can help me with my doubts; or else, I’ll ask my teacher. It is really hard for me to remember things, so I will use the time on the school bus – which is usually wasted, to study like anything. I’m going to improve my time management – by memorizing the important points properly and clearly. I will read the chapters and the questions very carefully so that in the exam, I don’t waste time wondering what to do for this or that answer.”

– Rishi Panguluri