At The Deens Academy, we follow a system of continuous multi-disciplinary assessment, which could be formal or informal. We also follow a differentiated system of assessment to cater to the varied needs of children.

The child seeking entry into Deens is evaluated on his/her skills and abilities in order to determine the level in comparison to the expectation of the class into which admission is sought. This helps the teacher to modulate the classroom transaction in order to meet the child’s needs.

With the firm belief that education touches the mind as well as the being and each influences the other, information regarding each student is collected, taking into account their ability to apply knowledge, their learning process and how they conduct themselves in different situations. These findings form the basis of a continuous feedback process to the student and parents. A systematic follow up programme is built around these evaluations, be it on the academic, co-scholastic or value/attitudinal front.

We recognise that the larger objective of the academic programme is to open minds and steer a child towards critical thinking and application. Much of the assessment conducted is diagnostic, but we also take recourse to summative assessments at the end of each learning period.

The school year is divided into 3 terms for Kindergarten. Assessments are continuous and can be of any nature- Oral/written/practical or in a form of a quiz. The marks are published on the student ERP page.