Clubs & Activities

Club Activities for 2018-19

Learning and exploration go hand in hand and this is the crux of Education!

We believe that children should have as many opportunities as is available to explore their interests and skills. To this end we will offer hobby clubs within school hours for students of grades 1-7, on alternate Thursdays of every month, for 1 ½ hours each . These are paid services, facilitated by experts from the field and it is compulsory for every child to be a part of a club.

Please click on the name of the club to view brochure and information

Name of club Contact person Email Id Contact number Cost Cheque to be paid favouring
Bluetimbre Serah John 9686433788 7000 Bluetimbre music llp
Robotics Jerlin Anto 7022645961 6000 Qtpi Private Limited
Quizshala Shruthi V,

Rohan Jacob, 9535759450 8500 Walnut Knowledge Solutions Private Limited
Helen o’ Grady Sheela Mahapatra 9843964990 7000 Appletree International
Crafty hands Vasuki Chinnamanthur 9632226058 8000 Vasuki Chinnamanthur
Ballet Mridula Martis 9845214371 7000 Dance with me studio
Cricket Sportzone 9148022200 7000 SportzOne
Aeromodelling Harsha Vardhan 9663910323 6600 Matrix Edu Corp
Chess Subramani 9731100432 6000 S.Subramani
Archery Ajeesh 8123479673 7000 Ajeesh PS
Design thinkers club Raashid,

Sharan Hegde 8197416334 6000 Raashid Navlakhi
Tennis Krishna Kumar 9980918103 7000 SportzOne- (mention tennis at the back of the cheque)
Roll ball + skating Mahendrakumar 8660090188 6000 Rollball Association of Karnataka

If you require assistance through the registration process, kindly write to gunjur.clubs@deensacademy,com