Deen-a-logue August 2020

August’s month eNewsletter includes Students’ work on topics – Heritage Sites, our annual theme of Fitness,  various classroom activities; compiled and presented by our young journalists from Grade 7. These are regularly mentored by their teachers – Ms. Mumtaz Bharwani and Ms. Mary Judith. Students team that worked for the month of August 2020: Grade 7A: Kate, Mitali, Navya B., ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue July 2020

“There is no stopping the energy or endeavour in children! Life goes on with as much gusto and enterprise , even through these uncertain times and before we know it, they have conjured up the Deen-a-logue, the Deens newsletter, for us. Starting on their journalistic journey as young as in grade 7, it gives me immense pleasure to wish them ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue June 2019

Deen-a-logue June 2019- “A new group of enthusiastic student journalists of grade 7, put together for you the monthly newsletter and I wish them ‘happy journal-ing’ . As they report the myriad happenings within school, I am certain you will notice therein an indulgence in the theme we have adopted for this academic year ‘We Care’- caring for the environment, ... Read More »