Innovative practices

Our teaching staff are constantly trying to create and find new and exciting methodologies to inculcate the wonder of learning beyond the curriculum for children. An interdisciplinary approach of Hands on activities , role play, music, dance, theater and art are often used to make learning exciting for children at school. Read More »

Value Education

The socio-cultural changes like transition from joint family to nuclear family system, excessive competition, parental expectations, commercialization of education, negative impact of media, misuse of information technology, globalization, consumerism etc. are putting immense pressure on children, families and schools leading to distortion of values. It points out the need for schools to come up with new ways of educating students. ... Read More »

Experiential Learning

A metro ride, Visits to museums and the planetarium, an assembly line, a restaurant, a plant nursery, an animal farm, Hikes, treks and cave exploration are a few examples of field trips that are conducted across various grades at the Deens Academy. Experiential learning is an integral part of the Deens Philosophy which focuses on all around awareness to offer ... Read More »


Yoga Day 2019 Playing games is healthy, fun and physically invigorating. At our school, outdoor activities and physical education go hand-in-hand with the rest of the curriculum. Sport is practiced in its many forms and in all its diversity at Deens. Students learn a variety of games teamed with training in athletics, cricket, basketball, football, traditional games like Kabaddi and ... Read More »